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Grupo IDM

For more tan 30 years, Grupo IDM has collaborated with the best companies in Mexico to better understand its Market, its Clients and Consumers and what they think of the Brands, Products and Services.


Generate strategic information with methodological rigor and differentiated models that support decision-making at management level.


Find and maintain competitive advantages in our clients' respective markets


  • Offer an excellent service to our clients
  • Design models with robust methodologies at the global forefront
  • Permanent development of intellectual and technological capital
  • Maintain total quality and continuous improvement of all processes
  • Make IDM a company that attracts and retains talent
Pirámide Capacidades IDM

IDM Intelligent Decision Makers

"A successful corporate culture is one that knows how to support the development and needs of each person individually and at the same time, allows the group to serve a higher good."

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